Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you use?
As a high end photo booth, we make sure that we give quality products and services – this starts with the equipment being used by the company. Our camera is Canon 5D Mark II – a professional grade full-frame camera and our printer is HiTi P525L which has a high speed dye-sublimation that prints the photos in less than 12 seconds.

How does your photobooth work?
Our photobooth is an interactive photo booth that gives the guests not just a souvenir but an experience as well. For the guests to start their session, they have to tap their desired photo style/filter first. After that, they can now type their email address to get the soft copy. Then, the only thing that they have to do now is to pose! (and of course think of cute poses and get some props) After their session, guests should go to the side of the booth to get their printout copies. They will eventually receive an email of the soft copy ready to be uploaded on their social media accounts. It’s that smooth!

Do you cater to events outside of Manila?

Yes, we do. Please see list of out of town fees below:

  • Las Pinas, Paranaque and Muntinlupa – Php 1,500
  • Cavite, Tanay and Bulacan – Php 3000
  • Tagaytay and Laguna – Php 4,000
  • Pampanga – P 4,500
  • Batangas and Nueva Ecija – Php 5,000
  • Subic – P 5,500
  • Zambales, Quezon Province and Bataan Php 6500
  • Naga, Ilocos and Baguio – Php 10,000 + Accommodation

*Subject to change without prior notice.

Why don’t you have props like wigs, sunglasses, hats, etc?
Unfortunately, those type of props do not represent our branding. We want to maintain the minimalist and classy vibe of the company that is why the only props that we offer are phrases on sintra boards. If clients have certain themes in their events, they are free to bring their own props and include them in the duration of the event.

Can you extend extra hours during the event?

Yes, you may. Please see below for the list of onsite extensions. However, this is applicable upon availability since we might have another event booked on the same day that we need to attend to.
• Php 2,000/hour
• PhP 3,000/hour with magnet
• Php 5,000/hour for unli-print package
• Php 7,000/hour unli-print with magnet

What’s the space requirement for the booth setup?
We require at least 8×8 feet space for the booth setup and a socket nearby.

Where should the photobooth be placed in the floor plan?
We would recommend that the booth should be placed by the entrance so that guests will get to see us right away while waiting for the program to start. Also, it is a must to be placed indoor since to avoid damage to our equipment from possible rain and strong winds.

How much time do you need for setup and pack-up?
It depends since there are venues that are very strict with long processes. For venues with very convenient equipment docks, it only takes us 20 minutes maximum to setup the whole booth. For pack-up, we can do it in 15 minutes.

What printer are you using?
The printer that we are using is HiTi P525L which has a high speed dye-sublimation that prints the photos in less than 12 seconds.

Do you provide photo standees?
We do not provide photo standees since it is not part of our branding. 

Do you allow reprints?
Yes, we allow reprints if the client availed our Unli-Print Package. Other than that, we do not allow it.

How many employees are present in the event date?
It depends on the availability of our manpower. Either 2 or 3 crews will be there to setup and assist during the event.

Do you require crew meals?
Yes, we require crew meals or meal allowance worth Php 200/head.

How do we pay for the downpayment?
We require 50% downpayment to secure the booking and you may only pay through bank deposit. We will send you the bank details once you have confirmed your booking with us.

How far in advance do we need to make a booking?
We would recommend clients to book at least 6 months before or as soon as possible since our weekend dates run out so fast. As much as we would like to cater to all our clients, we only have 1 unit as of today.

What if I need to change my date?
You may change the event date as long as we are still available on the new chosen date and you have informed us at least 2 months before. Later than that, we will charge half of the amount that you have deposited.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?
The downpayment is non-refundable. You may use it for your future events within the next 6 months.

How do we choose our layout?
We have a lot of layout choices wherein you get to choose the placement of the photos. You may find it in the Packages tab in the photos section. After choosing your layout, we will now put a design on it. We always get the invitation soft copy then incorporate it in the layout. We will keep on revising it until the client approves the design.

How does boomerang work?
Boomerang in an application from smartphones that creates short videos that loop back and forth. So after having your regular photo booth session, you will now have an option to press the Boomerang button. You just have to move to see the effect of the application. After that, you will receive the video file in your email.

How does GIF work?
GIF is a collection of your booth photos but in a video file format which makes it look fun since it looks like the photos are moving. It is a regular photo booth but you will receive two files in your email – soft copy of the photos and the GIF file in mp4 format ready to be uploaded on your social media accounts.

What is the actual size of the printouts?

The actual size of the printouts are as follows:
• Basic Package: 4×6 inches
• Strip Package: 2×6 inches
• Polaroid Booth: 4×3 inches

How long can you stay at our event?
We go to the event 2 hours before our start time. After we have delivered the agreed upon services, we immediately pack-up as long as they do not extend. We can also give a grace period of 1 hour before we start to give way for delays. Beyond that, we charge Php 500/hour.

Do you offer Stop Time?
This is the time where we give way and stop the time first so that guests can fully participate in the program. We offer 1 hour free stop time for guests who avail our 3-hour packages. If you would like to extend the stop time, it is for Php 500/hour.