MARLLY Photobooth was established in the year 2015 by a Filipino couple with an objective - to refurbish the photobooth industry in the Philippines.

MARLLY came from the names of Marc and Allysiu. Marc, a photographer and Allysiu, a business woman run the business together with a vision of continual innovation and thirst of drive for success.

With over 2 years of experience, MARLLY Photobooth has become a company that offers not just an excellent service but an extraordinary experience to guests as well for being distinct with its bragging features.



The photobooth talks while the guests are using the booth. It guides the guests when it is time to strike a pose and when to exit the booth. Basically, it’s a self-operated booth.


It becomes interactive since guests operate the booth. There are choices of filters (Colored, Black and White, Sepia, or Retro) where guests can choose their desired theme per session.


Who loves posting photos on social media? Practically, everyone! The guests type in their email addresses to get the soft copy right away.


There are choices of filters for guests to choose from. These are Colored, Black & White, Sepia, and Retro. However, the client’s layout design remains the same; the photo filter of the guests are the only ones changing.


GIF Animated Photos are video files of compiles photo booth photos received by the guests through email if they typed their email addresses before the session starts. The file is compatible in any phones and ready to be uploaded on social media.


Boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward. It is the new invention of technology that the millennials love as they are able to create funny and memorable moments.


Fisheye is a lens used in cameras to capture wide angled photos. With that, the fisheye booth can fit 20 people in a frame which is perfect for barkada and family shots.


The company does not allow props like sunglasses, hats, wigs, and any other goofy ones that typical photobooth suppliers use. We only use phrases and emojis in sintra boards to maintain the branding of the company of being minimalist, classy, and high end.

Branding / Style

The company takes pride in our branding. We make sure that all our layout designs are approved by the owners and accentuate the minimalist and classy vibe of the branding. The look of the photobooth setup is standard. We ensure that the quality does not only show through the printed outputs but also in the aesthetic overall look of the booth.

Fast Printing

Our printers are all fast printing machines that can print within 12 seconds. Guest need not to wait for their printed outputs as they will get them right away after their session has finished.